B&W DARKROOM    黑白暗房

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About mixed media

Some friends ask me how do I decide to utilize different kinds of materials or processes to present my works. My answer is those are not my primary consideration.

The main thing is what I want to convey. How I understand about photography. No matter what kinds of cameras, lens, software, and prints are just a genre of methods that helps me to present my work and extend my perspectives of photography. They don't know what images in my brain are.

It is key to observe and communicate the relationships between subjects and environments. As I construct my concept, I know how I present my works.

I used to work with a commercial photographer and met an instructor who teaches 4x5 camera. They said that they always set up the scene first and keep the lights and cameras in the end.

Another main issue is how to balance mixed media and photography. My instructor criticized that my works are too far away from photography because they were like a decoration. I admit that to experiment various materials is really fun, but if those materials attract audiences, they will focus on those media but not my concept. It is a shame for an artist who wants to tell stories. Therefore, to understand distinct characteristics of materials and processes can help me to mix with photography equally.