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Health Grief

This is my friend Susan who creates "Loss Project" for Healgrief. She wants people to share a horizontal photo with a story of losing their love and how they recover. Susan was a psychotherapist, but now she's a photographer who focuses on environmental portrait, psychological portrait, life and death, and the relationship between reality and vision.

On the website, I uploaded this piece. There are three reasons that I decided to work on my thesis with the subject of melancholia:

1. I was inspired by Lun qi ji's "Melancholia" series.
2. I always know I have been haunted for years, but I never face it.
3. I had a close friend who committed suicide and passed away... I still feel mourned and I want to share my understanding of depression to people so that the misunderstanding can become less.

Actually, I'm still surprised that many people encourage me and like my works. For my project, I just express myself and my feelings honestly. Appreciate those who accept my works!!

PS. Healgrief is a non-profit organization that helps those who lose their love to recover.

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