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Let's talk about Satoshi Kon








Satoshi Kon, a Japanese great animation film-maker, director, and comic author, died by 46. I believe that most of people know his remarkable films: <<Perfect Blue>>, <<Millennium Actress>>, <<Paprika>>, and <<Tokyo Godfathers>>.

In <<Perfect Blue>>, Mima, who was a singer in her band, decides to develop herself in entertainment circles. However, she is forced to do something that is against her willing. For example, she has to play in a rape scene. The tension between the real her and the true her is filled in the whole movie.

What's the truth of me? Is it the road that I really want? I became an actress that I used to dream about, but why am I so unhappy? Why do I oppose to listen to my heart?

This film gives me an idea of "finding myself". In my life, I spend plenty of time in education, family, relationships, and work. I realize that I give myself too much to other people but not to me. As a result, I'm not familiar with myself anymore. Sometimes I think I'm this xxx kind of person, but when something happens to me, I find that what I react is not what I predict. In these busy days, I'm becoming a stranger to me......

By taking self-portraits, I start to find myself again......

After watching <<Paprika>> and <<Interception>>, I understand more about consultation therapy. Despite I'm not an expert in psychology, but from this film and the experience of talking with my counselor, I understand that if I need to break my nightmare, I have to find someone to guide me to describe my past. By expressing myself, I undergo again my past and say goodbye to it, and I find that I release my nightmare. Because if I kept denying my dark past, it would have become my dark side with anger, hatred, and empty. And if I remain it for a very long time, the dark side will swallow me......

I got my inspiration of <<Transcendence of Self>> from this movie. After I undergo my death, I realize that to be reborn is priceless......