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Same team, different show

      昨天去了華山看teamLab的互動展,其實衝擊蠻大的。因為我早在去年六月就在加州的Pace Gallery 看過他們的展場了。只是在Pace Gallery, 他們呈現的方式和在台灣的氣氛差非常多。




On January 12, 2017, I went to Huashan 1914 for teamLab's《teamLab Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park》. Actually, I had a culture shock to this show because I saw their show last June at Pace Art + Technique Gallery, CA, USA. The atmosphere is quite different between here and Pace.

At Pace, space was large with fewer people so that I could walk anywhere freely. The biggest difference was that the activity at Pace was peaceful and silent. Audiences can walk through multiple layers of glass with videos and sounds of waves so they can fee they're walking through waves.

Another work that impresses me a lot is twelve cohesive pieces of animated Ukiyo-es. At first, I thought their stories are independent, but those twelve animations actually connect with each other. They appear and disappear from pieces, just as they are born and dead, from nihilism to nihilism.

Therefore, I was a little bit disappointed because I didn't see the multiple layers of waves and twelve Ukiyo-es. Additionally, I hate seeing an exhibition with the crowded, and I also hate people are too many that staffs need to guide the traffic. I had a distracting feeling when I tried to immerse to the show.

On the other side, I think carefully and I figure that teamLab makes their styles can be not only peaceful but also vivid. They even make the activity be closer to audiences and more lively. Isn't it my goal? I always believe that art should be close to people and make them fun, impressive, and can be interactive. 

In my perspective, they break the stereotype that "Art is a craft that cannot be touched and close to. Also, they're hard to be understood just because they're art." It is exactly worthy to see the same team with distinct ways to present themselves and give audiences fun.

The following photographs were shot at Pace Gallery, teamLab “Ultra Subjective Space”, on June 22th, 2016.